Purchase, Exchange and Transfer


One of the prominent things about properties is the transfer of ownership to another person. Suchil investment and project advisory services (SIPAS) also play a pivotal role in ensuring that there is proper transfer of properties from one person to another or organization.



There are many method of property transfer on behalf of our clients, not limited to; gifts of properties, sale and assent. We make sure that we get the right intention of the donor, completed the act of delivery to the recipient and to accepted by the beneficiary. We get a stating proof that the land was gifted to him or her backed up with a document called “deed of gift” which is registered with a land bureau for example if the gift is land properties. Another form of property transfer is sale. Selling of property on behalf of our clients has given us an edge in the competitive market. Because we make a thorough research on market survey, get the right buyer, obtain necessary documents and engaged legal practitioners in the process and procedure.

Some of the main documents needed to be considered are;

→letter of allotment

→Sale deed

→Planning documentation


→Financial document