Purchase, Exchange and Transfer


One of the common transactions in today’s business is buying of properties which are administered by various legislatures depending on the jurisdiction in Nigeria.

A contract to buy properties in Nigeria is a preliminary step in the transfer of tittle of ownership of the property from the vendor to the buyer who only acquire right of title to the properties.



One of the business transactions that SIPAS engaged in on behalf of her clients is the purchase of any type of properties. For example, land properties, buy an estate, acquiring an asset etc. if there is any of our clients that is interested in any particular properties we help them secure it at affordable price that is obtainable at the market. Before we purchase any property we make inquiry by physical inspection on the property to be purchase, demand and obtain copies of the property document and conduct research on it. This process would determine whether there is any encumber some on the property, patent defect or whether the property is suitable for the purpose which it is purchase for. After all this processes the next step is to prepare the contract of sale. In this case a well experience lawyer or legal practitioner would be needed to prepare the contact of sale on behalf of the client for it to be review. we also request for deed of assignment for the of transfer of interest in the property which is subject to the registration after obtaining Governor’s consent in compliance with the provision by law. 

We make sure that the following content are included in the contract to avoid breach of law or any fraudulent act from the seller and to confirm the authenticity of the property;

→Particulars of the parties

→Description of the properties

→Capacity of the vendor

→The purchase price

→Place of agreement and signature

→Date of issuance.

As one of the foremost companies in purchase of properties in Nigeria, we carried out this responsibility at a very affordable price which could also be negotiated to the interest of our client