Most questions that bother investors or buyer about properties transfer, purchase and exchange are; how do I acquire this particular property? who do I meet? what are the necessary document require? what are the legal advice needed on this issue? etc. are some of the questions that buyers or investors ponder about.

Safe the stress and approach Suchil investment and project Advisory for your assistance on how to purchase, transfer, and exchange of properties of any type on behalf their clients. One of the paramount services rendered by SIPAS is the power to purchase, transfer and exchange of properties of any types

Most people do have the problem of doubt when it comes to transfer of properties because of the necessary procedure and processes that are needed. Document such as; land purchase receipt, contract of sale of land, survey plan, deed of assignment, certificate of occupancy, governor/ministers’ consent, etc. are mostly required when it comes to purchase, transfer and exchange of properties of any type







SIPAS is here with well experienced legal practitioner, estate surveyor, real estate manager and real estate attorneys. They make sensitive analyses during the process of acquisition or sale of property. we also cover proper taxes, mortgage document transfer, estate planning zoning and titles as it varies from state to state. We ensure that the purchase or transfer or exchange is legal binding and in the interest of the client.

The preliminary and fundamental stages in any transaction of properties acquisition involves carrying out a proper due diligence on the title of the vendor (seller or broker) at this stage we engage professionals. The transfer of any properties is subject to taxation and also the consent of the state government.

SIPAS ensure that all processes and procedure are duly followed when engaging in transfer, purchase and exchange of properties on behalf of our clients by engaging expertise in legal professional, in state and real estate surveyor/manager. We can be trusted with this responsibility because we are committed to making the best decision policies that favour our client’s interest.