Project and program management


Mitigating risk, realising opportunities

We have the expertise to guide you through the life cycle of your project, from inception to completion. With our specialisms in project planning, procurement, design and delivery, we are experts in advising clients on how to achieve the right balance of time, cost and quality. 

No two clients or projects are the same, and our tailored approach allows us to advise on ways to navigate project challenges and facilitate risk mitigation methods, ensuring that key deliverables are met. We can manage projects in line with an already established plan or provide our own best practice methodology. 


In addition to supporting your successful project delivery, we can help you to develop your organisation’s project management capabilities through our training programmes. 

With deep expertise spanning multiple sectors, including construction, oil and gas, and ITC projects, we can advise on: project governance and governance training, concept development, feasibility studies, quality assurance and improvement programmes; and in doing so, we make the complex easy.  

Capture value through smart contracts

Engagement of subcontractors in the planning phase through integrated Managing Contractor or Head Contractor contracts allows them to provide pricing and design advice early. This can give Defence and its partners valuable insight into downstream cost and value opportunities.  

Subbies provide first-hand knowledge and experience. They understand supply chains and can help you explore opportunities for innovation and savings through prefabrication and modular construction. They are your best bet for sourcing alternative products and solutions in a heated market. 

By capitalising on the opportunities that exist within contracts to consult below Tier 1, Defence project owners and managers can identify risks and opportunities early and put strategies in place to mitigate, manage or exploit them.  

Know what lies beneath

While it’s never going to be possible to anticipate every cost on a project, understanding blow-out risk areas is good practice. Many Defence estate assets are more than a century old, and while this is not a problem of itself, with age comes a certain degree of cost and time uncertainty.

What condition are underground services in? Are they where we think they are? Will cultural heritage considerations require more time or cost to manage? Are buildings structurally adequate for further serviceable life? How good are foundations and footings? What can we be doing now to futureproof them for the next century?

Where feasible, investing in early technical investigations that provide greater certainty about site conditions, challenges and constraints can represent massive downstream savings through avoidance of delays and reduction in the additional resources required for problem-solving mid-program.

Make space for success

Site access and security are vital concerns on Defence projects for obvious reasons, and they’re also pain points for contractors. While not always feasible, it’s certainly worth the time to explore whether construction zones can be segregated from active base operations and dedicated access points provided.

Separating construction from active base operations enhances security and safety, minimises risk and in many cases can reduce cost and time. Just as importantly, separation can simplify security clearance complexity for contractors, subbies, suppliers, consultants and visitors, and can minimise the impact of works on Defence capability.  

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