Navigating the planning process presents complex challenges. With deep expertise, founded on almost fifty years of experience, we support our clients throughout the entire planning life-cycle: smoothly, efficiently and with confidence.

Delivering successful projects

Our experience in interpreting local and national planning policies has earned us a reputation for providing pragmatic advice to our clients, whether a developer or end user.   

From iconic landmarks and nationally significant infrastructure projects to residential developments of all scales, we advise on preparation, submission and negotiation of planning consents across all sectors. 

We understand every project has unique complexities and our approach to each is bespoke, ensuring best-value results that maximise development potential. Balancing commercial requirements with local context, our strategic advice supports smarter, sustainable development.  





In an increasingly populated and resource constrained world, understanding the relationships between people and the built and natural environments is more important than ever.  

Protecting natural and cultural assets

Applying an information-led approach to environment and heritage consulting, we help clients to manage the interface between built and natural environments. 

Utilising state-of-the-art technologies including visualisation, spatial intelligence and dynamic scenario modelling, our focus is on minimising the negative impacts of human development on eco-systems, while enhancing the capability of communities to respond to environmental risks. 

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