Investment management


Getting a qualify and suitable personnel for a job opportunity, dispensing necessary training and every other activities related to human resource in an organization has become cumbersome due to the current state of the labour market.


The cost of time and processes and other required resource for recruiting, training and development, appraisal and tracking of organizational goals and objectives in an organization leads to the contracting the responsibility to professionals in human resource outsourcing. Die to the standard of the current labour market some organization now depends on outsourcing human resource in an effort to streamline operations reduce headcount, ultimately cut cost.

However, SIPAS, search for competent skilled labour, train and develop them and also overseeing organizational structure and staffing requirements.

SIPAS outsource human resource knowing fully the importance of it in every organization.


SIPAS is an organization that maximize every available resources to achieve organization goals and objectives. Our operation as HR outsource agent is governed by an arrangement of service level agreement.

This will define required standard of performance by the organization and any penalties for non- compliance to mitigate the following risks that may occur in the organization:

      • Loss of control of personnel

      • Impact on the employer/ employee relationship

      • Loss of flexibility

      • Failure to deliver cost industrial relation issues.




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