Project Delivery Services



Team availability report

if you want to build an accurate  project plan, you need to know what resources you have available to get the job done. a team availability report shows you how much work each team member have on their plate so you can make smart resourcing decision for your project.

a weekly status report is an easy way to keep your team and stakeholders informed and managed expectations as a project progresses.

Service groups


Project reporting

We deliver an expert level of service and support to our clients and have developed our own innovative approaches and supporting technologies that enables us to report projects in both urban and remote environment safely and productively.

Project reporting involves more than simply communicating the latest product updates to your team and stake holders. You can also use project reports to mitigate risks, monitor budgets and time line.

risk assessment enables you to identify and categorize project risks based on their severity and likely hood of happening. that way we can prioritize issues and nip risk in the bud before  before it wrecks your project success

Time tracking report will help give you visibility into how much time your contractor is actually spending on project tasks so you can see how it tracks with your project estimate.



Claims management

We developed a procedure that will give your project or investment maximum security. In making sure we provide legal security to every investment in our custody, SIPAS will provides claims management service act to help give our investors confidence to invest with us. We advise policy holders about their claim against a given financial product. We provide 99.5% confidence in our investments by reducing the operational burden associated with financial claim by registering claims. We provide clear information to policy holders, ensuring key documents are processed and filed, expediting any claim assessment procedures contained within the wider claims process.

We also help to determine which party is responsible for any wrong doing under the terms of a contract and the amount to be paid as part of the claim. We will make sure that there is confidence and security on the clients investment and that every contractual terms will not be breached. We also involve in the investigation of breached contracts (from both the company and investors) and determine responsibility.



Defects management

Defects is an observed difference between the expectation or prediction and actual outcome of a test. A defect is also termed a "fault"


the purpose of defect management for your project or organization can be operation support for solving and retesting defect, give input for status and progress report, give input for the release advice. Each defect can also be the trigger for development process improvement. why the defect occurred and future prevention analysis.