Purchase, Exchange and Transfer 


The value of a property determines it worth. In today’s exchange market Exchange properties could be in form of securities, cash, land, house or any other assets distributed to holders on equal basis bind by law.



The two or more that want to engage in exchange of property know the worth and value of their property before an agreement is been reach. On behalf of our clients we exchange properties of different value depending on the other party’s property worth. There is always a controversy concerning the value of a property in market, we contracted experts to carry a proper scrutiny by making research on the value of the property before any exchange takes place. We prepare the legal documents after an agreement has been reach by our client. On the completion and exchanged both parties are legally bound not to reverse their decision, otherwise it attract penalty.

SIPAS prepare all legal documents that require and monitor the process of exchange till both acquire their properties.

Conclusively, we can be trusted with any types of property and we are ready to deliver the best for clients